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In contrast to conventional puzzles that are used for creating symmetrical pictures with just a few simple shapes, ‘Würfelmosaik’ combines a wide range of forms and encourages playing with improvised patterns in two- and three-dimensional space.Developed during a seminar on the topic of self-initiated work.
Würfelmosaik Würfelmosaik Würfelmosaik Würfelmosaik Würfelmosaik
New Pleasure Library concept identity 2016 Concept for the visual identity of a Frankfurt-based music label Reading List concept editorial 2015 Thesis exploring critical reflection in the contemporary design practice Envoi Mono ongoing type design 2015 Geometric monospace typeface with low contrast Würfelmosaik concept self-initiated 2014 Concept for wooden toy blocks based on simple geometric shapes Reisen collage concept 2014 Collage series exploring the aesthetics of vintage travel photography Aldo van Eyck Posters illustration poster 2013 Posters inspired by the children playgrounds of Aldo van Eyck Display:Remix concept editorial 2011 Magazine on the subject of self-image in the digital world